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I ain't gonna kiss you.

I think I have a problem. Saw this movie on opening day, came out with a massive thing for Steve Rogers. Marvel is evil. 18 Captain America icons, plus a wallpaper of Cap and Peggy, 'cause that's how I roll (bittersweet endings FTW, zomg).

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wallpaper grab bag! (non-icons)

Now, for something completely different... I've made more wallpapers/big graphics this year than anything else. Some of them have been posted at my graphics Tumblr, but this is the first time that a few of these walls have been seen in full on LJ. They're all 1600x900 since that's the resolution I use on my laptop, but I can definitely resize if anyone would like me to.

STARRING: Jesse Eisenberg, Doctor Who, Moulin Rouge, White Collar, Eclipse, and Captain America.

the bronx is up and the battery's down.

This is a Glee post. Namely, 25 icons of Glee, 14 of which come from "New York" and 11 of which are from random season 2 episodes. And they're mostly of the girls, mainly Santana. Somehow I have fallen in love with Santana.

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We've Only Just Begun: fanmix (non-icons)

Seriously, one day I will get back to making and posting more icons and graphics, I swear. Anyway.

My Most Excellent Year is a novel about baseball, Mary Poppins, and first love, not necessarily in that order. Set in 2003/early 2004, it's about T.C. Keller (represented on the cover by Cory Monteith), his brother-by-choice Augie Hwong (Harry Shum Jr.), and Alejandra Perez (Naya Rivera), the new girl who takes their lives by storm. It's also about Hucky Harper, a deaf six year old who becomes T.C.'s good luck charm of sorts, as well as Ale's killer dance skills, Augie's growing crush on a classmate, and T.C.'s attempts at wooing Ale.

Basically: this book is funny, heartwarming, and absolutely adorable, and MORE PEOPLE NEED TO READ IT SO I CAN DISCUSS HOW AWESOME IT IS WITH THEM. Be forewarned, there's the slightest hint of spoilers here but even if you consider direct book quotes to be spoilery, read the book anyway because you will be charmed. (Or so I hope.)

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I... found my icon muse? Here's 13 Glee, 3 Vampire Diaries-related, 2 each of Emma Stone and Alex Pettyfer, and 1 each of Armie Hammer, Anne Hathaway, Daniel Craig, Elizabeth Taylor, and a hot model dressed as Superman, plus one wallpaper of Armie Hammer. Yay? Yay!

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True As it Can Be: fanmix (non-icons)

AN EXPLANATION OF SORTS: I have to be completely honest and say that I made this mix mostly because I have wanted to put this version of "Beauty and the Beast" on a Puck/Rachel mix ever since uh, the moment I started shipping them, and then about a month ago I decided that if I ever made the mix with that song on it I also had to have "Nothin' on You" on it. I usually tend to make my fanmixes so that they progress in a more linear fashion, and I was trying to do that here but then I was like, "Screw it, I like the song order just the way it is"*, and in the process it ended up being less linear and more like a he says/she says thing: songs by male singers/bands are Puck's; the female ones are Rachel's, obvs. This also somewhat explains why the Rachel songs are so poppy and Puck's are all over the place. And it's only just now that I realize that this starts and ends with cover songs.

*: I'm kind of ridiculously obsessive about tracklistings, so this is a big deal for me, yeah.


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