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The Stardust of a Song: fanmix (non-icons)

"in some ways captain america is a makeover movie in where the makeover makes you a hero but you realise you were a hero all along and the girl you thought liked you bc of the makeover liked you all along but you had to go and save the world and missed your date by like 70 years". (quote)

The recipient of said makeover is one Steve Rogers, a scrappy little guy with a heart of gold from Brooklyn who is made into a super-enhanced guy (heart of gold still there), and the girl is Peggy Carter, a take-no-shit British agent who believes in him. Spoiler alert: they don't end up together. (Steve ends up getting frozen in time for a few decades, Peggy still lives on and has a life without him--and we might get to see some of her awesome adventures if that TV series comes to fruition!) But A.) what canonical time they spend together is lovely, and B.) fan fiction. All the fan fiction. (As far as I'm concerned, this happened and you cannot take that away from me, OKAY)

Anyway! The mix. "My Heart With You" has been on my "put this in a Steve/Peggy mix" list since I first saw the damn movie. I wanted it to have a softer sound, but I also really wanted to have "All the Pretty Girls" by fun. on it, because it seemed like such a great Steve POV song, but it's too damn bouncy, sigh. I think it still works without the rest, though!

should our fire turn to dark, take my heart with you.Collapse )

But For My Fool: fanmix (non-icons)

Wow. Long time, no post, but I digress! This mix was made for Round 19 at waywardmixes, which is themed "Meet the Mixer". I went back and forth over how exactly to put this thing together--should I use the meme format, or go with what I feel represents me the most, songs that marked big life moments, or...? You know. That kind of thing.

I got inspired by this quote from Theodore Rubin, and went with what songs I felt encapsulated the best and worst in me. In the past few years, I've been trying to become more comfortable with myself, and to embrace my faults and my positives, so that quote's become a mantra. And this is, more or less, the soundtrack to that mantra. Yay? Yay.

Now with commentary!

give me something to believe in now.Collapse )

I understood that reference!

I was originally going to wait until I had forty icons before I posted these, but A.) I ran out of steam and B.) I like them so much that I couldn't stand not sharing them for another month. So here are 25 Avengers icons.

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Light a Roman Candle: fanmix (non-icons)

Here's the thing: I usually ship couples that are kindasorta technically canon, but usually end up being the doomed OTP instead of the Canon Supported OTP. I am used to every ship I love being doomed in one way or another. And then I go on a random Avengers fic binge and start reading anything I can find that has these two together in it (I could do a rec post, seriously), and while I wouldn't say that they're my OTP to end all OTPs as far as the Avengers movieverse goes... they are up there.

So: Steve Rogers is Captain America, legendary WWII super soldier who is presumed dead after he crash-lands a plane in the Arctic. He gets better, though, by being unfrozen in the 21st century. He then ends up joining the superhero equivalent of the Breakfast Club and is (we assume) at least starting to adjust to this strange new world.

Darcy Lewis, on the other hand, is absolutely a girl of her own time. She got an internship in New Mexico with Jane Foster, an astrophysicist, and during this internship she tased a god named Thor, and was rather rudely introduced to SHIELD (the super-secret organization that more or less assembled the Superhero Breakfast Club) after they confiscated her iPod along with Jane's research. We can only assume that she got it back.

And if we're rolling with that assumption--that Steve's getting acquainted with life in modern times, and that Darcy eventually gets her iPod back from SHIELD--we can POSSIBLY assume/dream that somehow the two of them meet. And we know from her comments about Thor that Darcy is not at all adverse to blonde beefcake, and we know from his wartime adventures that Steve's kind of fond of brunettes who can hold their own against percieved threats, so... you picking up what I'm putting down?

ANYWAY. This is for waywardmixes. The back cover is awful because Photoshop was being stupid.

He doesn't look a thing like Jesus, but he talks like a gentleman.Collapse )

long time, no icons, I KNOW.

I've got a big Avengers post coming up soon (see icon used for this post as a preview!), but in the meantime, have 20 icons of things of dubious quality that I've made in the past eight months.

The count: 6 for Once Upon a Time, 4 each for Chris Evans and The Amazing Spider-Man, and 1 each for Skyfall (aka NEW JAMES BOND MOVIE), Downton Abbey, Gillian Jacobs, the Spice Girls, The Vampire Diaries, and The Hunger Games.

Little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good.Collapse )

I'm Nobody's Girlfriend: fanmix (non-icons)

Kate Austen is one of the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815, which crashed on September 22, 2004 on an unknown island in the Pacific. The first time we as viewers meet her, she's wandering through the jungle, rubbing her wrists as she happens upon a bleeding man who asks her to sew up his wound--which she does, despite telling him that she's worried she'll throw up on him. She volunteers to go on a mission to find out what happened to the fuselage of the plane, and even after she and Jack (the bleeding guy she helped sew up) and Charlie (another passenger) encounter God knows WHAT out there and she's scared to death, she counts to five and sucks it up and tries to go find Jack.

And then we discover that she's a criminal.

This is the extremely abbreviated version of Kate's back story. The thing is, you could go the easy route and boil down her story to her relationships with Jack and Sawyer (the Southern con man who she has an acknowledged connection with), but really, she is so much more than that. Kate's not their prize to be won; she's her own person with her own goals. She cares about her fellow survivors, especially Claire (she helps deliver her son, Aaron, and Claire and Aaron are an integral part of Kate's arc), and will fight for those she cares about. She's brave, reckless, morally gray, crazy fascinating, and one of my favorite characters on a show full of all sorts of interesting people.

I made this for waywardmixes, and I hope you enjoy it.

I'm not the loving kind.Collapse )

The Most Beautiful Lie: fanmix (non-icons)

Oh, wait, you want the sunny side of love? COME ON DOWN! While If the Lovers Are Losers is about heartbreak, this mix is about the joy of love winning out, and romance and sweetness and swooning and other such stuff. The title comes from a quote attributed to writer John Green: "True love will always triumph in the end; which may or may not be true, but if its a lie, its the most beautiful lie we have."

stars fading, but I linger on, dear.Collapse )

adventure calls!

There is seriously no rhyme or reason to these icons. Over half were made for challenges and for ic0nfest, and the others have either been sitting on my HD for the past two and a half months or are fresh out the box. Guess which ones they are.

7 Pan Am, 3 Doctor Who and related cast, 3 The Vampire Diaries and related cast, 4 random celebrities (Chris Evans, Rosario Dawson, Ryan Gosling, and Armie Hammer), 1 each from Community, Glee, Lost, Misfits, Moulin Rouge, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Twilight, and one random based on the cover art from this mix.

why do I love Paris? because my love lives there.Collapse )

RANDOM QUESTION TIME: I have two tutorials written for icons in this set (the Community one and the Misfits one); would anyone like to see them posted here? If so, speak now. Thanks!
Getting your heart broken, loving someone and not being able to say it, and loving someone who doesn't feel the same hurts. And this mix is for those moments when you are basking in the horridness of that situation and just need to cry it out. There's two Sara Bareilles songs because A.) I couldn't decide which one to leave on and which one to take off and B.) they both friggin' gut me. My burden to bear is a love I can't carry any more? CUE THE WATERWORKS.

By the way, the title of this mix comes from Carl Sandburg's poem Cool Tombs, which isn't about love, but, well, isn't heartbreak a little bit like death?


you took my love for granted, why, oh why?Collapse )