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adventure calls!

There is seriously no rhyme or reason to these icons. Over half were made for challenges and for ic0nfest, and the others have either been sitting on my HD for the past two and a half months or are fresh out the box. Guess which ones they are.

7 Pan Am, 3 Doctor Who and related cast, 3 The Vampire Diaries and related cast, 4 random celebrities (Chris Evans, Rosario Dawson, Ryan Gosling, and Armie Hammer), 1 each from Community, Glee, Lost, Misfits, Moulin Rouge, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Twilight, and one random based on the cover art from this mix.

Comments? Appreciated. Credit? Please (but not necessary). Upload to your own space for later use.

RANDOM QUESTION TIME: I have two tutorials written for icons in this set (the Community one and the Misfits one); would anyone like to see them posted here? If so, speak now. Thanks!
Tags: actors, actresses, armie hammer, chris evans, community, doctor who, glee, icons, lost, misc, misfits, moulin rouge, pan am, pirates of the caribbean, rosario dawson, ryan gosling, the vampire diaries
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