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long time, no icons, I KNOW.

I've got a big Avengers post coming up soon (see icon used for this post as a preview!), but in the meantime, have 20 icons of things of dubious quality that I've made in the past eight months.

The count: 6 for Once Upon a Time, 4 each for Chris Evans and The Amazing Spider-Man, and 1 each for Skyfall (aka NEW JAMES BOND MOVIE), Downton Abbey, Gillian Jacobs, the Spice Girls, The Vampire Diaries, and The Hunger Games.

Comments? Appreciated. Credit? Please (but not necessary). Upload to your own space for later use.

ALSO: if, for some reason, you want a tutorial on any of these, I saved a lot of the .pdfs and I might be down for writing a tutorial. That's all!
Tags: actors, actresses, chris evans, downton abbey, gillian jacobs, icons, once upon a time, skyfall, spice girls, the amazing spider-man, the hunger games, the vampire diaries
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I really dig the smokiness of that second Spidey icon as well as the cropping and deep, golden tones in that second OUaT piece. That very last icon is the best thing here though! I love the color scheme and those swatches of light or smoke that frame the subject!
Thank you! That Hunger Games icon took me forever to do; I loved the cap so much that I kept playing with it until I got something neat out of it.
Lovely coloing & cropping - the Hunger Games icon is my absolute favorite!